Monday, October 31, 2011

With Gratitude

I'm trying to have a grateful attitude like Webster here.  He's from the Retro Cutie Critter Collection and will be added as a digi to the PMS store soon!  I flipped the digi and omitted the gift that he was holding for my card.  The Digi Makeover Challenge at Paper Makeup Stamps is to use this sketch this week. 

I live in the northeast and we got hit by that freak snowstorm that barrelled through on Saturday.  Five inches of heavy, wet snow fell on trees whose leaves had not dropped off yet for fall, much less changed to pretty fall colors yet even!  And these beautiful trees could not bear all that sudden, extra weight on them.  Many branches and trees snapped and fell and took down power lines with them.  My neighborhood has been without power for 2 days now, and predictions are it won't be restored until end of the week.  Our house is down to a chilly 51 degrees today. 

So, what can I be thankful for?  I'm thankful my family is safe and together.  I'm thankful for the public library where I am at today so I can use my laptop to check in with family, friends and you on this blog post!  {grin}  I'm thankful that the temperatures, while chilly, are not freezing, so our house pipes won't burst while we wait for our power to be restored and we can heat our home again.  I'm thankful that nearby grocery stores and restaurants have power, so we can get daily food.  It's a bummer that I have to throw out food from my fridge and freezer that I just bought last Friday - seems like such a waste, but I'm thankful we can afford to stock it up again when the electricity returns.  I'm thankful my boys have such great attitudes about our "adventure" - we've played lots of board games by flashlight this week while all bundled up at our table.  I'm thankful for warm pj's and blankets when we huddle together at night to sleep. 

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!  I hope to be back again soon! 



Danni said...

Love this, great color combo! I'm thinking of you and sure hoping the power is restored asap!

Jennifer Scull said...

what a wonderful card! I can't wait for so many of these great images to be entered into the digi section of the store. :)

saying prayers that your power will soon be restored. and sitting here counting my blessings along with you. :)

Lisa Kind said...

I love this card! Webster is one of my favs! I have been in your situation before in 2006. We had lots of snow on October 13 of that year that left many of us without power. I only was without it for a day and a half, but many did not have power for 10 days or more! No school for a whole week, too! It was crazy! Stay warm and safe!

Cheryll AW said...

Webster is adorable! Such a cute card.

Wish I could give you a source of energy to restore the power to your home. I am thankful for your positive attitude in the midst of this temporary trial. That is a blessing to many, and me too. Love you! MOL

Anne Temple said...

Love your card with touches of red! Try to stay warm and I hope your power comes back on soon.

Dawn Mercedes said...

Ooh...I like how you took the box out of his wings!! It makes the image more "useful." More versitle! you're a stampin rock star with a computer!! haha